Recommendation for Scar Treatment

If anyone has scars I highly recommend Mederma PM. I have numerous deep and superficial scars all over my left arm. I’ve been using Mederma PM for a couple of months now and they’re not as noticeable, in some places you can’t see them anymore. My mom has noticed too. I recommend the PM and not the regular because with the PM you just put it on once every night as opposed to three times a day. It’s a little pricy but it’s worth it. :sunny:


I use Strivectin. It also gets rid of wrinkles too! Its like $30 per bottle, but I swear by it.




I have heard bio-oil is good for it too.

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I’ve given away all my hearts again… thank you for this post… I do have some scars I would love to see fade…

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I have tons of now faded scars all over my left arm and hand - they are noticeable if you look closely - i am lucky that they are not worse - thank God the tiny scars on my face! are not apparent - noticeable - they pretty much faded completely - after the intense ‘cutting’ episodes, I was hospitalized - a while back, years ago

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**Did you say wrinkles? I`m buying! :smiley: **

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This is good news. I have some scars I was hoping to try and make disappear. I was thinking something like a tattoo, but the Mederma P.M. sounds good too.

I can’t get a tattoo until swim season is over. Being in the water 3 hours a day could really mess up the ink work.

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