Recommend one supplement

Recommend one supplement you would recommend for mental health benefits?

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EPA Fish Oil 155

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I tried fish oil for a long time. My shrink got me on it as he saw some studies that showed favourably with fish oil and ADD. I’m not sure I got any benefits but we are all different. It’s worth a shot and there’s some good studies with it.

Trouble with a lot of supplements is that people can say they’ll do this or that without the scientific rigor that comes with things like medications and double blind studies. Keep to those that are scientifically backed up and have decent research.

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Zinc deficiency is linked to many mental diseases. Its an all rounder supplement helps in improving sleep, reduces anxiety, depression, improves mood and much more. Not only it have mental benefits but also physical like improving immunity, better thyroid function, better blood sugar control and much more.

Too much zinc is bad also so make sure to take needed amount only.

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LS! Astaxanthin. Maybe some people want an all powerful nanny state to do double blind scientific research on all those thousands of supplements. When the supplement industry pays for the research they are going to say it is biased. I take forty supplements a day am 62 and one of the strongest in the gym and for evidence I look better and younger than my family.
The science to back up astaxanthin:

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