Recommend me a vape juice brand!

Looking for something that is good for coil and is menthol!

Those are available to buy in my country

I buy mine locally made in Canada from DashVapes, they make their own juices. Its cheaper than big brands and I really like the taste, I always get watermelon but green apple is good too. I prefer and use nicotine salts as I read they have a stronger effect with less side effects.

I go to vapor maven and they have “house juices” but according to the vape shops they aren’t allowed to make their own and vapor maven is pretty big business and there isn’t any small business vape shops round here, big business bought the small business and then shut down the store since they already had one down the street… It really sucks…

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I recommend VapoFi. Their juice does not contain acetyl propionyl and diacetyl. I’d go with a 50/50 mix of VG/PG so you don’t clog the coil.

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I never saw these in the juices I had here and I tried a lot. The one from DashVapes only has VG, PG, flavors and nicotine.

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