Recommend Matrix / Simulation social sites

This is a request to post links to Matrix / Simulation social sites. I’m desperately trying to find a place to fit in. Spending year after year trying to find some place to fit in without success and I’m tired of being alone stuck in my head. I’m going to continue being driven by logic, knowledge, and truth. So tired of these people who appear to be some matrix AI like agent smiths. It’s becoming so obvious to me. Write me a PM if you want to talk about it. For lack of a better name, my “spirit guides” tell me that roughly half the humans I encounter on Earth are real like me, and other half are not real. I’m guessing they’re so type of AI. That was shocking hearing that from my guides, but after thinking about all the experiences I’ve had online it made perfect sense. It was like a Sun lite up inside my head.

As an alternative if you know good spiritual sites that at least has some scientifically minded people then post the links. I’m so done with people who run away from truth seeking.

I was also trying to find good Buddhist sites, something like Zen Buddhism that’s void of the dogma & religious teachings, that focuses on tools to help one achieve peace.

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Are you the person who keeps going on lately about the world being a matrix simulation? I used to feel like I was in a computer simulation. It is a little delusional.

There are no sites about matrix or simulation ideas. That stuff sounds crazy as hell. Are you on an antipsychotic. If not it could help you.

I’m not here to fight with you people. If you have evidence then post it. Otherwise I’ll side with the math provided by PhD academics regarding Simulation theory/hypothesis thank you very much.

You are delusional. You need help.

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modern physics have expressed this hypothesis of simulation run by a powerful computer. and we are like sims run in the computer of a child.


From my experience, this might get flagged or locked. This is a recovery forum as they say. That being said, there is a subreddit on the topic.

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This is a lounge discussions.

Believing you’re in the matrix is a sure sign you need to be on meds.


I believed this and then it progressed to me thinking I couldn’t die. I was hours away from testing my theory before I was hospitalised. I’m lucky to still be here.

Get on meds before your mental state deteriorates. Do it as if your life depended on it.


Doesn’t help being hostile to people…most people here believe it’s a delusion because A) Like me, they’re told it is a delusion B) It’s not healthy C) If we live in a sim, most people don’t want to be unplugged or cannot believe in it for various reasons, one being there is some sort of mechanism preventing people from believing in it. You can’t convince/force people to believe what you want them to believe. It’s wrong and pretty cult-ish.


It takes two to fight and I said in the beginning I don’t want to talk to those people. I’m not going to be passive and just bow to them and let them post false info. If you want to think I’m being hostile then that’s your right.

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Lets put aside the matrix for a moment here.

You also have voices of spirit guides telling you things. You realize that most people do not have that.

The combination of these two things is good evidence of a problem. You should see a doctor.


I know from experience that a lot of religious people such as evangelicals claim to hear God speaking to them. So why am I targeted?

the matrix hypothesis cannot be proved but some scientists suggest that we can’t be the most advanced technologically in the universe. so if other beings are more advanced by millions of years they could be able to create a matrix powerful enough and realistic.

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Religious people without mental illness tend to hear God as an internal voice, somewhat like a conscience.

As an external voice it’s more concerning.

But doctors usually don’t concern themselves with religious beliefs, unusual or otherwise, unless they could become dangerous.

Same here. Most of my voices are inner. A few are audible, but most christians who hear God speak say the same thing, that sometimes it’s audible.

most of my voices are inner too. my doc says they are hallucinations too.

yes meditation is a powerful tool. it can help get rid of ego and small mind. then you would be omniscient and peaceful. with no mind at all. only the big mind. the real mind. the Buddha. do you feel as if you 're in the matrix?


In those cases, whether there is a diagnosable illness probably depends what they’re hearing God say.

If it’s “Be good. Feed the hungry. Take care of the sick.” it’s probably not something dangerous.

If it’s negative and could cause harmful behavior, then it might require help.

If your voices are making it hard for you to socialize and live and work normally, then it may be time for help.


I want to practice the type of meditation(s) that Om_Sadasiva talks about to awaken and achieve omniscient and peaceful, get rid of ego.

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