Recipes For Big Families

My mom is gonna be out of town for a few weeks and I was wondering if you guys had any big family recipes that I could use! We have 7 people at the house most of the time, so it’d have to be something affordable and filling!

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Spaghetti with meat sauce

Chicken Enchiladas:

Hamburgers and hot dogs with potato salad
Most soups are economical

Pasta is really cheap. So is rice.

I would say spaghetti or lasagna. :cow2::cow2::cow2:

Lentil soup!!! It’s my favorite and it’s delicious and cheap and doesn’t have a real recipe to follow, it’s all to taste so you can adjust whatever.

Sweet potatoes (chunks)
Carrots (roughly same size as SP)
Peas (add at the very end)
Chili powder

Simmer until everything is cooked (20ish minutes) serve with a dollop of sour cream.

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Do you like tuna casserole? I have a recipe that yields a ton of it. My husband and his friends love it.

I’d love that! Everyone at the house loves tuna.

Ok. Hang on while I get my recipe

It calls for 1 cup reduced fat sharp cheddar. I use 2 cups of regular sharp cheddar since it tastes better that way. She uses almond milk and I use 2% cows milk. I use more Panko than her on top of the casserole and I spray Pam on top before putting it in the oven to make the Panko crunchier.

thank you so much! It looks great!

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This soup is good and is for 6 people. With garlic bread and salad it’ll easily feed way more

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