Recipes and meal ideas?

Anyone want to share their healthy meals and recipes? I need more ideas. I’m bored with my current foods and really need to lose weight.


Great thread idea!

Last night I made bbq chicken tacos (soft) with coleslaw, tomatoes and avocado. Pretty healthy and makes great left overs.

I’m going into internet world and pulling up some of my favorite recipes.

I’ll be back…

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I made lentil soup for lunch today. Makes a whole pot. Plenty for leftovers and super cheap.

5 cups water
1/2 cup dry lentils
1/2 cup dry split peas
1 diced sweet potato
1 diced carrot
1 TBS minced garlic
cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder, Italian seasoning, whatever else, to taste.

Boil until water is mostly gone. Best with a scoop of sour cream.


I used to make 15 bean soup all the time,

Its delicious and cheap.

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tuna casserole is cheap to make but I don’t know if you want to avoid carbs…just a couple cans of tuna, cooked egg noodles…a can of peas and cream of mushroom soup…bake in a casserole dish…delicious.


Kale chips. Spread parchment paper on a cookie sheet and cover with cut kale. Spray lightly with olive oil then salt. Cook in a 350F oven for 10-15 minutes. Eat! They are SO crispy that they satisfy the crunch cravings but hardly have any calories. They do shrink a lot in the oven, though, so make a second batch while you’re eating the first. They don’t taste like kale!