Receptivity and mind reading

I get confused about the collective subconscious. I think of everyone being one but it’s really just a pool of information. I can’t hide anything from anyone. They always know my mind. And I’m aware that in some small sense most everyone is aware of my attitude, whether by perception or mind reading, I think a combo of both. It is really a drag to always be put on the spot and have no privacy. I hate it but I’ve brought my mind under control. People say the craziest and lewdest and rudest things in their head to each other. I need to just let it be, if I suppress it it must just go deeper to get expressed there. But what a drag it is to know all this!


I have the same problem and feel like people are always sabotaging things because they can read my mind and feel embarrassed if I think about anything. But I can’t read anyone’s mind. So I don’t know if it’s true.

That’s right! I can’t tell what they think but it really seems as if they do know what I think!

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I know the feeling. I think this communication happens on a higher plane of existence and not in real life. That way I’m able to comfort myself that the real people in this dimension don’t know what I think.

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I think its the extra dimensions projecting into this reality from our brains and it feels like people exists in our brains.

I’ve noticed with added ldl brain cholesterol that those dimensions start to disappear, so I’m having butter every day for that reason. Butter gives gaba and serotonin.

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