Recently told I have Schizophrenia

A month or so ago I left the mental hospital was told I have schizphrenia. 2005 I was told I had Bi-polar. So is this something that has just come on or has it been there all along? Can anyone help? Thanks


Better to chat with ur pdoc…!!! We share same story…!!!


It’s about function and it’s about treatment.

If your suffering you need medication. It’s the simple thing. These days diagnosis can change but it’s important to take the medication a doctor gives you.

Early intervention with medication leads to better outcomes.

Read some posts. Post your questions. It isn’t a bad crowd!


They have changed my meds 3 times in 2 months I am seeing bad things crying all the time just not doing good, seeing the Dr every 2 weeks


both the beauty of and the problem with psychiatry is that, compared to pretty much every other field of medicine, its way, way more subjective. if youre insulin intolerant, another doctor cant just disagree, they would be wrong. you can test for that, confirm it. it becomes fact. with mental illness, it all runs together and blends, the lines blur, no opinion is necessarily more right than the other (well, no informed opinion at least). you could be bipolar, you could be schizophrenic. a doctor could say either and not actually be wrong, nor would they definitely be right. its all subjective and based on what the doctor makes of your symptoms. and really, because of that, treat your symptoms. if you have mood swings, you need a mood stabilizer. if you have psychosis, you need something with antipsychotic action. if you have both, you can kill two birds with one stone because plenty of antipsychotics not only can help with depression but are great for acute mania too. dont worry about labels, it can drive you nuts trying to make sense of it all, and just try to get your symptoms treated and become the healthiest you that you can be!


28 years ago my first psychiatrist diagnosed me with schizotypal personality disorder. Then, my next doctor diagnosed me for many years with recurrent major depression with psychotic features. I got another doctor after that who told me I had schizoaffective disorder. Now, another doctor and I’m back to major depressive disorder with psychosis. So, like korieve says, the symptoms overlap and the diagnoses are subjective and can change depending on the doctor. That’s my impression anyway.


Guys I am just trying to stay out of the hospital , but I feel like a strobe light of thoughts are going off in my head, I am seeing demons the are following me they seem real to me, I can’t go into a store right now, I need to go shopping but then I just cry through the store , them I feel like everyone is watching, I can’t take this much longer, my husband is no help, I am scared.

If I had demons following me I would go to the emergency room immediately.

Hey kine I know what you’re going through. I’m actually hearing voices right now and was hearing having the same symptoms you were just a few weeks ago. Everything’s going to be okay. It’s scary when it first happens but don’t be worried because there are things you can do to make these hallucinations you’re having go away. If you need help, seek it. If you can’t right now, get some sleep and they should become quieter. That’s what I do and it usually works. You need to relieve some stress, and getting some rest will settle your mind and slow your thoughts. Can you tell us what’s going on in your life right now? Are there any new stressors? You need to avoid stress right now so you can calm down.

I am planning on leaving my husband he is very controlling my Dr wants me to leave him but I have no WHERE to go yet , trying to get housing now, but I am not telling him I am going, I told him before I went in hospital I could blow my brains out he said nothing and walked away, this is the 1st time I have told him this. So I am stressed.

Kine don’t worry you are loved and wanted here. You have friends :slight_smile: a couple of weeks ago I was hearing voices in the form of “demons” as well. They’ve gone away now mostly now that I’ve been sleeping and taking care of myself better. You need a caring place where you can go to spend a few days in peace and comfort. You’ll be able to get sleeping aids, a private room, kind nurses who will show you kindness, steady (and delicious :slight_smile: ) meals, new friends who are going through similar illnesses, doctors who can cure any other health problems (like anxiety, heart pains, diabetes, migraines, back pains etc that you might have) and you can get all these things you need simply by going to a free public psychiatric hospital and telling them about what you’re experiencing. It’s possible you could even get partial hospitalization so that you could still leave and yet receive the care you need. At the very least you should try to get some sleep and then maybe try to do that when you’re feeling a bit more calm. Is anything else bothering you?

I was in hospital care a month ago, I lied that I wasn’t hear voices or seeing things so I could come home, and they were better. Now they are really bad again I see the Dr on Friday what should I do, I really don’t want to go back.

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