Recently got diagnosed,need help dealing with everyday life

This is hard for me, i had a psychotic break due to absuing weed and ended up wandering around my city in a psychotic/suicidal stupor until i made my way to a hospital and they gave me a diagnosis and put me on 8mg of risperidone…

But now im out of that mental hospital and man… This is tough. i dont enjoy any of the things i used to, i cant smoke pot anymore because it makes the meds less effective apparently and can lead me to another psychotic break… I just dont know anymore.

Life is so boring for me. I lost my job because i was in a mental hospital for weeks and they couldnt find me so now im looking for another job and its all looking so bleak.

I think about suicide these days… I dream often and my dreams are incredible then i wake up and im back in my shitty hell of a life where ive got a shitton of medical bills to pay and nothing going for me

The risperidone makes me feel bored more than anything else, as i said before i dont enjoy anything i used to as much besides sleeping and eating and so i must ask:

How do i enjoy life again? Does it ever get better? Will i start to enjoy things again or is this just how my life is going to be forever? Anyone else have experience on this high a dosage of risperidone?



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hey welcome! Things will get better! as your health improves youll come out of this depression… as they say “Happiness is good health and a bad memory.”

Hospital can be rough i know… As times goes on things will get better just keep faith! :slight_smile:
Hope you stick around!


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Welcome to the forum.

It’s good that you are medicated and stopped smoking weed.

My experience with risperidone was bad. It made me heavily depressed.

Luckily there are other meds out there. If you don’t find risperidone helping you I recommend switching meds.

Have you tried abilify or vraylar? Those meds are activating and can give you a boost so you don’t just sleep and eat!

There are other atypicals out there as well. I’m on olanzapine, but it’s known for weight gain. I’m also on vraylar and it picks me up a bit.

I wish you good luck on your journey finding right meds.

My friend who is on abilify works full-time and has his own apartment. He can live a normal life.

Good luck with everything!


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Welcome! Everyone reacts differently to different meds and dosages. So it’s possible risperidone is good for you. You’ll just have to take it for a while and see.

Once you get on the right med(s) for you, at the right dosage(s), you’ll feel much better and be more productive.

Always report to your dr if you hear or see things others don’t, and also if you’re struggling with paranoid thoughts. That’s the only way they can help you.

Good luck with everything. It’ll get better with time


No worries i wanted my name to be that way


What you describe are negative symptoms. They can be caused by sz itself, the meds or depression. 8mg is a high dose, lower doses did not work? I am on 6mg risperidone its been the best for my sz but i feel tired on it.

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Welcome to the community @Paulthend!

Things were horrible after I first got diagnosed and it took a while to get things turned back around. I’m one of those people who is living a mostly normal life now with a wife, career, adult kid, etc. I own property, I participate in my community and all the things like that which people like us supposedly aren’t able to do. But we can! I mean, I’m a doofus so if I can do this then a lot of others can, too.

Keep your chin up, there’s a path forward!


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I’d advise you to see your doctor get some support while you need it. There is help out there and theres no shame in accessing it.


Welcome to the forum!

@ozymandias is right: he IS a doofus. Also, he’s right about it being possible to reclaim/live life to the fullest. Sometimes, the fullest may be a day spent in bed, and sometimes it’s being productive and feeling almost like a neurotypical individual again. There are going to be bad days; you just have to keep fighting for the good ones.

Good luck, and I hope to see you around. I’m glad you found your way here.


Thanks for your support???



Aw, you know I’m a fan.

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Hey hope you like it here


It’s hard living this life, meds and such help… Also trying those things again can help, I have times I can’t and I accept those days that I’m going to just sit in front of the TV or listening to music, half the time I just listen to the TV without watching… I’m glad you came here

Welcome and enjoy your stay here!

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I agree, you should talk to your psychedoc and explain to him/her your situation, ask what you can do to get your life back, defo stay away from weed and other drugs etc, alcohol dont help either. welcome to the forum.


It took me 3 years on invega which is a metabolite of risperidone to feel normal again

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Like @ozymandias, it was bad in the beginning for me. I was diagnosed in 1980 at age 19 and I spent the first year unmedicated in a group home. Then 8 months in the hospital. Things started to turn around when I got on medication when I was 20 and at age 21 I moved into another group home. I slowly started functioning better and got stable and 9 months after I got out of the hospital I got a job. I stayed there four years and during that time I moved into semi independent living, got a car, made a few friends and enrolled in college.

Now I’m 62 and looking back on being employed almost steadily for the last 39 years. I’ve been owning and driving cars since 1997. In 1995 I moved out on my own and lived in normal society for 20 years. I just finished my degree this past March. And I’ve had fun and done a lot of fun things over the years. So having a life while schizophrenic is entirely possible.

My advice is what most people already said; take your medication, see a psychiatrist and a therapist also if possible. Cooperate with the people who are trying to help you, don’t fight them. Keep an open mind and take opportunities to get help like support groups, vocational programs or day treatment. And definitely, definitely stay away from drugs and alcohol. Those will derail your life, they may seem like they’re helping but actually they cause more problems then they solve.

Yeah, the beginning of this disease is the worst, but you can do things to help yourself. Don’t get mixed up with the wrong people. If you’re going to have friends pick the ones who are productive and responsible and not one of the many people you’ll meet along the way in life who are drifting along aimlessly doing drugs or illegal stuff.


My best advice for you would be to never smoke weed