Recently Diagnosed and Lonely, Wondering if this is a disability


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Something I am wondering, how much do/can medications help with hearing voices? Will I always hear the voices, or is here hope that the medication will make it stop?


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Meds help a lot.


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As time passes by ,your symptoms will be improved
I have been diagnosed in 2005
Now I’m on a very low dosage of antipsychotics


Antipsychotics ( ap in forum slang) can help reduce the voices, maybe eliminate. It is important to be honest with your primary doctor, psychiatrist (pdoc) and your therapist. Your medical team is important. If you don’t have a pdoc or therapist you need to reach out to one.


Thank you, I really appreciate your replay!


I do have all of those things except for a therapist still. I just saw psychiatrist yesterday and was honest, so they switched me to Risperidone from olanzapine, titrating to a med-hi dose…


Can you change my name to kaydellaterra? Seems to still be bothering people. I’m not worried about it other than the fact that others are concerned for me, which I would rather not happen. So yeah…


It is different for everyone, meds have helped me stay stable, but some things can trigger you


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Actually how long should I give meds to “work” before asking about trying something else? Like do they work better the longer you’re on them?