Recent off putting experience

Preface— I have been in “remission” “recovery “ for several years now. One would never guess I have or been diagnosed with schizophrenia. I’m also pretty well aware of my short comings and try to think like a normal person when things come up( like my bf thinks coincidences are infinite meaningless so many probabilities doesn’t mean absolutely anything. There is also stuff on probabilities and how people can’t or don’t think about the math in coincidences )

///Story /// Well something out me off recently …

I’m a call center agent and I work at home. My phone is on the T-Mobile network and my work computer is on the cox network. These are two entirely different networks both which are private. On break, I went on beenverified on DuckDuckGo to cancel my membership.Before I did, someone who is a d-bag at my job reminded me of someone who was mean to me as a kid and the accessibility/curiosity got to me so I look this person up. After my lunch ended I got back on calls—- guess who pulled up as my 1st call?? The person who I was looking up on been verified !! Except they lived in N. Carolina

I started to think to someone hacked into my phone and were able to do something that everyone says you can’t do. How ■■■■ do you intercept 2 different networks? Am I being spied on? Wtf is going on? I thought about my original coping skills like “how am I particularly important? I’m not rich or famous. I’m just a regular person” and “probability of a coincidence “ I asked from some emotional support from my bf and he told me that’s absolutely impossible/illegal and talked about probability of coincidences and how it’s meaningless


Welcome to the forum! I’m not in remission. I don’t think you need to worry about being delusional, it is a pretty rare coincidence.

Thanks for reposing, it’s nice to hear that you too also think it’s just a rare coincidence!

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Welcome to the forum! Glad you found us

I don’t know how that happened but I’m not the right person to ask because I’m always paranoid. I hope others here help you out though.

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I do this and it brings some reassurance. I even searched myself on google and nothing relevant comes up. Welcome to the forum.

Uh, seriously??? It only happens on days that end in Y around here.

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