Recent observations

First of all, I will call this the mirage effect. When you chases mirages, you begin to think that everything is a mirage whether it is or not, especially for people who have a history of hallucinations.

Second of all, I live in two worlds: What I call the fantasy world, and the world of reality, the consensus world that everyone agrees exists. I may behave differently depending on the world I am focussing on or experiencing. For example, I may tell someone off in the fantasy world, but that same person in the real world, I would refrain. This could be illustrated with a venn diagram. When the two worlds intersect, there is trouble, with confusion resulting from both worlds.



the world is a unit, it’s static and consent. What more are you hoping for?

I just hope people would understand me better, that’s all.


Its ok, not everyone got to understand you. I tried to understand you and made a topic. Unsolved Universemysteries

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