Recall on trazadone

A company is recalling 100mg trazadone with expiration 6/22. They say it got mixed up with an erectile dysfunction drug. Just a heads up!



Hello Gals, Guys, Women, Men, And Aliens!.

I Was Once Prescribed Trazadone. Long, Long, Long Ago.

I Sharply Loathed It. Not Only Did It Have Thus Think Haze. But!, It Sadly Caused Mild Tremors. Thus Drug Was A Living Nightmare. I Would Take The Shazz, And Have Thus Slumber Walk To Get A Damn Drink Of Water.

On My Original YouTube Account, I Created A Song On Some Older Mixer, With A Sort Of Music Video Describing The Feeling That Drug Gave Me. I Was Looking Into The Night Sky, Begging For A Miracle. With A ■■■■■■■ To The Medical Industry.

But!, I Followed Orders And Took The Things.

I Complained To My Doctor But She Seemed Careless About My Wishes For Something Else.

And Back Again. Into Thus Filthy, Disgusting Haze.

N e Hoo.

My Doctor Finally Gave In One Day And Prescribed Me Something Else.

And I Haven’t Had One Problem Since.

It Takes Time Sometimes. And Patience. Understanding. And Goals For Clarity.


DJ Nosferatu Beat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
:dog: :snake: :dog:

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