Rebuilding life

II edited what I typed a bit. I had intensive trauma treatment and I came through with no meds, no psychoses, no fears, no ptsd symptoms anymore. It is still early, but my nurse even spoke about testing me and the possibility of ending up with no diagnoses and no need for care anymore. Strangely however, i feel sad. I’m mourning. The friends i lost, the boyfriend i lost, the years in the life of my child I lost, and all other things. I feel lonely and want someone to share my life with. I feel ungrateful, but now the fear lifted i suddenly oversee all the Damage the illness did to me, my life, my family. Does anyone here have experience successfully rebuilding life again after years and years of total disfunction?

Maybe you could try an online dating website? I like OkCupid. Match is supposed to be good.

If you don’t want to go that route you could try going out to social activities. You could go out to a dance or something like that.

Maybe a hobby or workout group of some sort, start building new friendships