Reasons ur mind is not being read by others

when u hear a voice in ur head, it is just that. a voice. u have to ask urself how this is possible to receive telepathically, just a voice. well in order for this to b the case, their voice has to b a completely separate personality inside their mind and that is not acheivable by normal means. it takes pain, lots of pain to separate one personality from the host personality. normal hypnosis couldn’t achieve this at all. somebody just talking to u wouldn’t b ab;e to separate u from urself. u would also have to give this personality a voice because normal people don’t think out loud and that would take more pain…how much pain i don’t know but i’m guessing quite a fair amount. u would then have to box this new verbal personality completely away from ur every day thought process so that no one picks up on it while ur talking to them. so ur vision, ur hearing, ur imagination, ur thoughts, ur feelings would all have to b protected from the person u wish to harass and then that would take more pain to avoid any and all sensory leakage. u would then have to give this personality a personality of it’s own and an agenda to carry out what ever type of harrassment u wish it to carry out and the programming would have to b ongoing. u couldn’t just think…ooh i’d like her to say this kind of thing and it happens. every topic would have to be grown as it were using pain to add to it over the years. and of course u couldn’t do that while it was still talking so u would have to find a way to shut it up for more programming to take place which would require more pain and this is assuming that telepathy to that extent is even possible and even if it were, how would one mind, bearing in mind that it’s a completely boxed off personality actually locate ur mind to talk to? how could it find it among the billions of people on this earth to specifically harrass just u? and also bear in mind that many of us have multiple voices, this would have to b repeated for each and every one of them to keep the victim from discovering who u r, where u live etcetera. so called mediums can’t do it…john edwards can’t do it, sally morgan can’t do it, james van pragh can’t do it, collin fry can’t do it. so y would u assume that ur voices can, just bcoz u hear them? when u think about the sheer logistics of actually doing it it becomes a herculean task, especially with the amount of voices i have…over two hundred at last count. it’s ■■■■■■■■…oh and bearing in mind that i’m supposed to b able to talk to the dead aswell…how the ■■■■ do u hurt a ghost enough to create a completely separate personality in a diaphanous being? it’s ■■■■ in my opinion, absolute ■■■■. it’s much more likely to b splinters of ur own personality with different voices than urs. quite why the mind creates these personalities is unclear but it obviously does. in my case it was through torture . in ur case i don’t know. thoughts please.

It’s seems so god damn real though. They all deny it. I’m still trying to figure out how to get out from under it. Through relaxation and spacing out I seem to get away from it a bit. I can at least tell when I trigger it and I may be getting better at not its hard to tell. I’ve been hiding in my home for the last couple of days.