Reasons not to take up vaping

Hey guys. Starlet is at that age where friends are offering him a hit of their vape. He is asking lots of questions about it because he wants to make an informed decision. I told him all the reasons I don’t use nicotine, but I am someone who has never tried it. I was wondering if any of you could give reasons not to take up vaping, from the perspective of someone who actually does/has done it. I think he might have an easier time listening to someone who has actually experienced it and quit/is trying to quit/wishes they could quit.

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Just plain old addiction.

You’re stuck using that thing every few minutes because you’re hooked.

It becomes less pleasant and more of a fix.

You’re a slave to it.


My advice might not be very good, but I wished I never started smoking, it starts off with just the occasional cigarette and then bam- you’re smoking a whole pack a day. I want to quit but it’s been impossible to. I am worried about my heart and lung health and my sister the other day said to me “if you don’t stop smoking you’re gonna look older than me” she’s 15 years older than me.

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Many of the recent studies that were spoken of in the nightly news indicate there is direct correlation in the deposit of metals into the lungs from vaping. Nicotine strangles the vein walls making them atrophy as the user gets older. Nicotine is also known to cross the blood brain barrier and deposits in teens as young as 13 have shown metal deposits in the temporal and parietol (sp) lobes. I used to do stop smoking seminars as an elementary teacher, in the inner city smoking was very prevalent in the preteen/teen culture. The info I used to use came from the American Lung Association, try contacting them for additional references.

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Breathing air is better than vaping of course.
Vaping might make you more likely to smoke other stuff like cigarettes, cigars, etc which is even worse than vaping.


My little cousins often ask me to try my vape but I told them they’re too young. Now I don’t vape infront of them. I just vape when I am bored and in bed not when busy like when gaming, walking and biking outside or inside, or lifting weights etc


Once you start it becomes nearly impossible to stop. I wish I could quit vaping.

So is he prepared to be chained to vaping for the rest of his life?

Also when he’s unable to get his vape juice for whatever reason there’s a real risk he’ll try cigarettes and then he’s finished.


And what would Starlet’s approximate age be, if I may inquire?

The earlier you start, the harder it is to ditch a bad habit later in life.

Vaping might be less dangerous than smoking but it’s still addictive. It comes at a price in both money and health.

I picked up smoking at 30. Lately I was able to cut back, from 15 to 8 a day. Still can’t quit. Damages gums, lungs, skin. Bad breath. Lowers self esteem etc.

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