Really would like a pet budgie :(

I’m 30 years old and even contribute towards the house which is in part in my name. So why can’t I? I hear pets are great therapy.

Why can’t you get a pet?

Most females have nurturing instinct that they need to fulfill to be happy.

Another friend of mine was in a similar situation as you and I finally talked her into getting a cat and she seems MUCH happier now.

Have you ever considered a cat? They take care of themselves so there’s no training involved. You just have to make sure they have food, water and clean their litter pan a couple times a week.

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What do you think of a vegetarian cat ? lol would love one but we have a no meat in the house rule.

My cat likes vegetarian dishes… go figure!

My cat used to prefer wheat grass to fresh meat when she was a kitten, no lie! Cats eat grass to help w/ their digestion, so if you hear one trying to hack up a hair ball, they’ll usually appreciate grass.

Anyways, my cat RARELY gets meat. She mostly eats dry cat food kibbles. You don’t have to feed them fresh food or meat, the dry food should contain everything they need.

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They love rewarding you with dead mice and birds

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They do. Claude doesn’t go outside, but many mornings I’ve woken up to find myself covered in fuzzy toy mice.


It’s the same way with my kitty! There’s pitbulls that roam my neighborhood that kill cats, so I can’t let her out. Sometimes she kills bugs though!

I’ve heard cats need meat but I think you should be ok if you just buy them kibble. I can understand wanting to do a meat free house, but they don’t really have a choice.

Make sure you want a bird before you get it though. Some friends of my parents had a parrot and they had to get rid of it because it wouldn’t be quiet.

This is what you’re missing out on!

and this!

No matter how many times I watch this video it never gets old! :smiley: :joy: :cat2: