Really stupid branch of science?

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Psychiatry is not a science.
It’s an art form.

I’m not sure why your post was flagged , I think it’s true.

But like @Wave said, it’s more of an art than a science.

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I think it’s just because this is a pro psychiatry website, Everhopeful.


i flagged for myself

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Psychiatry is an upper level branch of psychology or behavioural medicine. Psychiatry does not fall under science such as physics, chemistry or astronomy. The anti-psychotic medication psychiatrists prescribe fall under pharmacology.

When psychiatrists listen to their patients, it is called talk therapy. Psychiatrists adjust the anti-psychotic medication by listening to the feedback from the patient. Medication side effects are side effects which cannot be dealt with. The view is it is better for the patient to go through side effects than not be medicated.


They’re saying this century is going to be “the century of the brain”, where they get all the neural circuits mapped out and learn to understand how to manipulate them. In a way that is scary, because if a dictator like the dictator of North Korea got ahold of that kind of capability he could create a whole nation of people who are fanatically devoted to him, to the point of death. But it could cure a lot of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and schizophrenia, to name just a few. I wonder if we could all become nodes to one, giant computer, something like in “The Matrix”, only instead of energy they got from humans, it would be computing power.

Science fiction rather than science fact.

I say some of AP side effects like akathisia and constipation can both be dealt with. I don’t know about the others :confused:.

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The problem with psychiatrists is that they haven’t taken the medicine they’re prescribing to others. I’ll take my 20 years of experience vs a dr any day when making choices for myself. I do think it’s extremely important to get the dr’s view to so that you can be as well informed as possible