Really Scared

So today is the expiry date of my protection order that the police enforced upon me and my ex last year. It was basically a restraining order that the police gave me and I didn’t have to pay anything for it. Anyway last St. Patrick’s Day me and my ex fiancée of 3 years broke up. He went insane and was harassing me for about three months. He made a lot of threats that I thought he would never act on but eventually one morning after returning from the hospital I found him out side my house demanding that I let him in. He then pulled out a gun that he had gotten threatened to kill both me and him. Luckily I was recording everything he was saying so it was a lot easier to prove it to the police after he finally left. It was scary but he continued to stalk me for a few months after and now the protection order is expired and I’m still afraid of him. I know its been a year but I keep hearing of stories that he’s not over the break up. I think he’s going to do something and I just wish today didn’t have to happen.


You can get it extended another year. All you have to do is file it. I think they might set a court date you would have to go to but you can get those orders immediately.
And if he pulled a gun and threatened you that’s a form of assault, as well as stalking…why wasn’t he charged with that?

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I don’t know why he was never charged. They said they were going to but they never did. I hate going to court. If anything happens, even something little I will definitely get it extended.

Some places are like that…Other places would jump on it and charge him with a bunch of things.
just watch your surroundings and be careful. Sometimes a little “paranoia” is safe! In your case it wouldn’t be paranoia…as he has already proven to be a real concern…

I really hope nothing happens. I’m afraid my schizophrenia might make me go over bored with paranoia.

I rely on prayer and guardian angels in such situations…not that there have been that many. But faith in Gods protection and then actually seeing it happen without you lifting a finger or even contacting anyone can work wonders…

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Go ahead and get it extended. Sometimes just doing something-anything, can help you feel more in control of a situation. Sorry you are having to deal with this stuff. Can you get a friend to stay with you when you are feeling vulnerable?

I don’t have any friends.

Boyfriend? You mentioned boyfriend in another topic. What is his take on all this?

He doesn’t think anything will happen. He doesn’t give much emotion or thought to it.

Yes, I would go ahead and just try to get it extended. I’m sorry to hear that your boyfriend isn’t showing any response on the matter. He seems somewhat shallow in that way. I am rooting for you in this. I feel for you and hope with all my heart you will find safety…

Thank you for the support. I hope he calms down and leaves me alone

Get it extended and please reach out to the community to build a support network. You can always get new friends if the old ones aren’t being nice. I’ve gone through various cliques over the years.

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