Really paranoid why is this happening?

About once a week a guy will drive through my neighborhood honking like holding down on the horn as he passes by my house and this has been going on for probably 4 or 5 months wtf why do you think this is happening?

I don’t think you really expect us to answer that question. None of us can possibly know why the person is honking a horn as he passes by your house. There are like a million possible explanations.

For example: For awhile there was this guy who used to sit out in his lawn and wave to cars as they went by. He was on my way to work. I would always honk and wave as I went by. He was a bit different. Hardly reason to panic though.

Maybe the person knows someone in your neighborhood and honks as he passes by.

Who knows?

It’s mostly likely some mundane explanation that you may never know.

Don’t let it worry you.


Whoever it is a dumbass. I wouldn’t worry too much. I worry enough for two people. You be okay.


That’s the most likely explanation…


That’s why they call him the streak.(I forgot the guy’s song). An annoying streak. A dumbass streak.


I have a friend who I beep at every time we drive by their house. Just a little hello to the family as we’re cruising by. There probably are other people in that neighborhood though wondering why some jackazz us beeping. We generally dont lay on the horn long though, just a couple quick beeps :grin:



You’re so funny, @roxanna .


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Yeah this is probably it.


Maybe his belly keeps getting stuck on the steering wheel :grin:

Hopefully his horn wears out

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Could be a lot of reasons. The worst reason would be that it’s some as*hole who’s just messing with you or messing with some neighbor near you. But if you aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary then that’s probably not it.

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