Really on edge

I’ve been asking my roommate for a month to clean up after himself. I told him a week ago he had until Aug 1 or I was going to kick him out. He hasn’t done a thing. Since he’s a friend I decided to help today. He sat on his phone most of the time while I busted my ass. His share of the house is so absolutely filthy. I feel like I’m living with a meth addict. I think he’s abusing his adhd meds and is an alcoholic because I threw away a lot of beer bottles (some spilled all over the floor too). I didn’t even get half of it done either after 3 hours straight.


I hope he’s not using you. I had a friend that I moved in with and he didn’t do crap. I had to really get on his ass and I wasn’t very nice about it but he respected my limits for laziness afterwards.


I don’t know if he is. He has severe adhd and it’s causing him to act lazy. But he’s not lazy he’s just ill. He needs a caretaker but that can’t be me I can barely care for myself

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Hmm. . .

Strange To Note. Laziness And Living Untidy Can Come From A Source Of Emptiness Psychologically.

Emotionally. And Such On And So Forth.

When I Would Live My Life Seemingly Reckless. I Discovered It Was The Connections I Had With The Mess. Memories. The Past. Not Wanting To Let Go. No Matter How Meaningless It May Have Seemed From The Outsider.

For Example:::~ Drinking A Beer While Arguing On The Phone With A Significant Other. And Spilling The Beer During The Heated Debate. Feeling Like The Relationship Is Going To End. And As Time Passes. Leaving The Mess Kinda Is Holding Onto The Moment Of Still Having The Other Person’s Presence. No Matter How Chaotic It’s Becoming.

Before It’s All Gone. Not Wanting To Let It Go. In Any Way, Shape Or Form.

Symbolic In A Sense.

Bad Example I’m Sure.

But!, My Two Cents.

Maybe Ease Some Tension. With Trying To Find A Way To Solve The Issue.

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But that does make sense and while I am no expert on that illness, you can empathize with him a little bit.

I’m sorry you are in such a tough spot.

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