Really inspiring new gadget idea to keep me happy

I was discussing how this was day one again stopping smoking after almost 100 days of not smoking. I fell down for a day, and now I’m stopped again, hopefully for good. Anyways, Angie told me that when she was incarcerated they didn’t allow you to even sit on your bed during the day and that struck me as a really great idea for me to follow? My problem is that I won’t get out of bed once I lay down when I’m stopping all my vices. Nope, I am not going to lay down now. Play guitar, play banjo, paint, call or text friends, wash dishes, do chores, walk the dog…all part of the list I have to keep me busy and out of bed. Any ideas?

MAYBE you should work on one vice at a time? But in my own case I stopped using ALL drugs and alcohol all at once. Best thing I ever did for myself.
That sounds like an excellent list to keep you busy. Good luck, I hope you succeed in conquering your demons. Do you have support besides your girlfriend? If so… I suggest using it, even if it’s over the phone.


well, I bought more cigs today. I thought I had it beat, but I laid in bed until almost 2 pm today. I wanted to die again. so it’s not worth that kind of emotion. I just started back. oh well. I am giving up weed now though so one vice at a time is what’s happening now.

The first time I tried to quit smoking, I HAD to keep myself busy. I had a garden that year, so I was out there constantly. It`s very hard!

Growing up my mom never allowed us kids to go back to bed for anything.
Once we got out of bed in the morning, we had to put our play/street clothes on and go outside to play. We could go back in our rooms later, but never back into pj’s until bed time.
Worked for me, I stayed out of bed until I turned 50, then figured if I wanted to lounge around in PJ’s all day I would.
My mom still don’t approve, but I moved out at age 20, and have lived independantly ever since.

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Angie really got upset to the point of talking about moving out with me smoking cigs and drinking again. so I am giving them up tonight and hopefully tomorrow and onward. sorry for the back and forth. I am a mess.

Looks like you gotta do it man. I know you’ve got the strength. Don’t fall back into the pattern. Gotta give it up man… All of it. You’ll be way better off in a couple months.

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