Really impressed with this online community

I never thought an internet forum would ever include such great people, i really appreciate the support and thought everyone puts into their posts.


This is vain conceited deluded but…

We all may be schizo because we are the best most innocent appropriate people for this world and society just ■■■■■ us up because its archaic and is established for more carnal folks.

These are the best people I know. Percentages don’t even apply. They’re pretty much all good.


I think it was Thoreau who said that the world he was born for is not here. We are innocent, we are sensitive, we’re just born into a ■■■■ world.

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Agreed totally. I was slated to be born about 300 years from now… but… something went wrong O_o.

I’m not going to trouble myself with thinking to deeply about the world.

just like the chaos that spawned us and made us what we are, the current chaos will make something better than we. (I hope)


I think there are good people here because of all the suffering we have been put through. It has humbled the majority of us. It has for me anyways.


Thank you. I like to count myself among the good people. It’s because this is the worst thing that can happen to anyone.

I agree that this forum is awesome. After searching for weeks I found this one (just yesterday) and they’ve accepted me with open arms. The 21 hour hold on replying was distressing, but after that I feel like part of the gang. Love it so far. I don’t feel so alone or socially inept. I can interact if I choose from the comfort of my bedroom.

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I always felt like I was designed to be born at an earlier point in time - my thoughts tended to drift toward ancient Greece or early Rome, some 2,000+ years ago. I wouldn’t say “at the time of Jesus”, but perhaps sometime before then.

I dunno, maybe there is some truth behind all the folks that have been hit with SZ. I certainly hope God reveals information at some point, because I am sometimes stuck feeling like my SZ was a punishment - protagonist voices continue asserting - “No, rather a divine assignment that helps everyone.”

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do you think the future will be better or worse than things are now?

I personally think things are going to linearly improve up through the 2020’s and 2030’s. I don’t think I can assume anything further as human beings are really not that predictable, not just yet at least. I need to age, gain more wisdom about others. Haha.

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Im one of the good/bad ones but I like to try to help.

When im doing bad im doing way and sometimes I bring it here which I don’t mean to but im a loony tune so what can I do.

I like that I can talk here without being put down or made to feel like nothing. It’s just the opposite in the real world. Of course nothing is perfect in life and I get comments from people on here that remind me who I am. But you have to take the bad with the good, right? I feel lucky that I can talk to you people.


Going through hell makes people humble. Maybe more people IRL should go through some kind of hell too. Then they will know the latest phones, computers, cars and other stuff is not important. What is important is having other people around (on net and/or IRL) that understand what you are going through. Understanding and sympathy for our experiences. It is hard to understand if you have not been there yourself.

“one must still have chaos in one, to give birth to a dancing star.”

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