Really important advices for people that had their first psychotic break

It’s upsetting that probably only a few people would read it. I want to share from my experience. The best tips I can give to anyone that had his first psychotic break are:

  1. stay on drugs, they will most probably minimize the possibility of experiencing a second bad psychotic break. [Recuperating after a psychotic break is a lot of times very difficult because there might be significant cognitive and negative symptoms, and building yourself again is hard and very time-consuming. also there is damage to the brain and you start to develop tolerance to meds].
    if you are taken off the drugs – stay in touch with your psychiatrist (!!!) and try to keep track of your personal experience – thinking, anxiety, derealization and quality of sleep. inform the psychiatrist of any serious abnormal behavior as i mentioned, because it can be a sign that you’re heading towards a second psychotic break. also, be especially aware if you’re going through an emotional crisis.

  2. participate in some kind of rehabilitation, work, charity, social group. it really helps.

  3. avoid marijuana.

best of luck


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