Really hate being mentally ill

I don’t believe in psychiatric,sorry to say that.But please respect me and my believe

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I dont believe in mental illness as such but its a difficult subject. I believe it is the shadow gov using em to create mental illness but i wont go into it as its complicated and i dong want to push things onto other people

How have you been GTX ??
It’s been a while since I last saw one of your posts…

I long to be free of these chains

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I believe I know more about nature and experiences of mental illness than most pdocs. I’ve never met one that actually looks into the experiences of patients and tries to understand.

I dont think mental illness isn’t an illness, it can be a mixture of different things. Like environment, drugs government, bad people, religion, misunderstandings, trauma, past experiences, faulty thinking, lies, untrue beliefs, spiritual things (experiences, trauma, supernatural, growth, hunger,thrust)

Delusions are untrue beliefs and understandings of real experiences, which means there is an actual answer and explanation for why it’s happening. Delusions change how we see reality which makes us “ill”.

Hallucinations, some are misfiring and over active functions in our brain. Others arent hallucinations, hearing your neighbor respond to you talking loudly to yourself is not a hallucination in the medical sense. Sometimes spiritual experiences are hallucinations. Sometimes it’s paranormal.

I believe how we react to things we experience determines if we fall “ill”. I believe we are supposed to go through this for some reason. Some of us will make it out some won’t. But I believe we all can reach a place of stability and happiness. Labelling y as ill and eating pills to lower brain function isn’t the answer to everyone heres problems.

I don’t believe in psychiatry for me because I believe what I think. I believe what I hear. This must be happening for a reason.

The reason being that you have schizophrenia and require medication and therapy to alleviate your symptoms.

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I don’t respect your beliefs, you are posting garbage that will impair the recovery of others here. Modern psychiatry is the fastest, shortest path to the best recovery for those diagnosed with SZ/SZa.

You can believe that sz doesn’t exist but you’ll still suffer from it. :slight_smile:

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K,then band me :slight_smile:

I’m not diagnosed with schizophrenia but I’m not going to deny that my symptoms aren’t treatable :slight_smile:

I was with you on the hating being mentally ill part.

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It is the all powerfuls excuse to make us suffer
Who ever made us has caused it