Really going mean, selfish and dark (mental health gone wrong)

Going competitive with my very unwell sister

Mean with my husband and talking about her.
I’m not used to gossiping especially when it comes to family

Looking at dark myths and traditions regarding my situation and getting scared of my lot (I believe) (that I hold the darkness in other peoples souls)

Looking into what I would get when who dies…

Losing the plot that my sister has suicidal plans when my mum dies

You need a med adjustment.

I would advise against the “dark myths” thing unless you are really mentally strong. It’s easy to get triggered for hours with that.

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Thank you

I’m going to ask for that.

I need to stop losing myself to crap I would have no intentions towards usually

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Feeling morally weak and a bit lost

You’ll need a good med to feel more grounded.

Have you tried Clozapine? If it works and doesn’t mess with your white blood cell count, it’s usually great.

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I’m going to see if I can get a top up
I’m out of hospital and no breaks other than a few hours here and there in 14 years

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Best of luck. 1515


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