Really embarrasing question

I am in remission, my meds make me symptom free, but just 99% of the time. When I masturbate to pornography or make physical contact with a girl of interest to me, my symptoms come back, and then go away. For example, I hugged and kissed a girl after a date and on the car ride home, I heard the voices and got delusional. For another example, if i start chocking the chicken while watching porn, the voices start making fun of me and tell me to stop, and I get the feeling that I am being watched by people again.

This is quite personal, maybe too much, but I am curious to know if intimacy or sexual stimulation brings out psychosis in you. I know a fair number of you have partners, wives, husbands or significant others.

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I know that during sexual activity sometimes my partner would manifest a lot of thoughts or get phantom pains associated with her delusions, the more she became unwell the more this would occur.

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The few time’s I’ve been more then friends with a lady, (while not on acid) my voices, my hallucinations and most of all my delusions really wanted to come out and play as well. Plus, the way some of my tactile hallucinations go, it gets really interesting feeling. It can really throw a man off his game.

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I think if you google this you may find some understanding. This link may help:

You are increasing your seratonin and dopamine so that may explain why it is happening.


thank you all for the replies! Very helpful :smile:

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my voices always tell me not to masturbate and talk throughout so i’ve basically stopped doing it. i don’t feel like i’m being watched by outside forces or anything, it’s just hard to wank when u have an internal audience lol. i feel for u as i know what ur going through.

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Me too. In fact, my voices have explained to me that they made a “pact”, and I have been banned from every being allowed or able to have a girlfriend. And they really have. A girl contcated me on Facebook a few weeks ago, and then the other day I find out she is seeing (having sex with) one of my voices, so I had to message her and let her know that I found out, so we could no longer communicate via Facebook.

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