Really don't want a puppy

hubby keeps looking online for a puppy

I really don’t think it would help our situation being in a small flat and all

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I wasn’t allowed dogs, only cats, in my pretty small apartment. So glad they allowed cats though!!!



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That dog needs lots of exercise and purpose. Is your husband planning on doing all that exercise and training? If you don’t think you can do that tell him right away

you bet it would

i’m not up to doing all that anymore!


Ok. Make sure he gets that.


My father wants us to get a dog.
No way, no more.

I’m in no physical and mental shape to take care of a dog.

I want to get a cat but my father doesn’t like cats.

I still have hope that I’ll be able to convince him.


I hope so too. All my cats were social, greeted me when I came home and loved to snuggle and be petted

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Just talked to him and he’s starting to change his mind about us getting a cat!

If I decide to get a cat, going to wait for omicron to settle down first.

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Mine, too.

@Wave – cats are a lot of work, too. They do need love and affection and playtime. You just don’t have to walk them.


I can manage this @Pandy
But first I’m going to do my research.

My brothers girlfriend knows a lot about cats and so does my cousin.
They both can help me get on my way.

I plan on adopting an adult cat

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