Really depressed

I’m feeling really down today. I can’t concentrate on my schoolwork, I am lacking any motivation, my voices are at a loud as hell volume, and even though I am taking antidepressants, I feel like crap. I’m also having violent thoughts toward myself. I don’t want to get help, because I want to catch up on my schoolwork and graduate, and I have no one that can truly understand how I feel at school.

Can somebody help me please?

Take a break from the schoolwork. Put on your headphones, turn up your favorite happy songs and go for a walk in a park or similar area. If you want to catch up and graduate then help may be what you need. Sometimes getting help before things get to bad is the best approach and it will hopefully make you feel better then you are being pro-active about you and your health.

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Barbie is right, if it’s depression a breath of fresh air would really help. Sometimes it’s nice just to try and hear as many birds singing as you can. If you think you are unstable then a hospitalization could stabilize you within a week or so and you could go back and finish graduating?

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