Really bad off right now

Hearing voices right now. I think they are reading my mind.

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is there anything you can do to get your mind off it? listen to music on headphones or take a nap.

on the medication side a benzo will make it so, yes, you are experiencing psychosis but, no, you arent consumed with dread or concern about what youre experiencing

an antipsychotic like saphris or seroquel kicks in quickly and relaxes you and helps you sleep

which antipsychotic are you on and when is your next dose?

I’m on abilify and clozapine. I need to take my night meds soon.

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it usually takes a couple of hours for those meds to get into your system, i suspect that once they do itll be smooth sailing :sailboat:

I should take klonipin right now but I don’t feel like going downstairs(2 flights of stairs) to be honest. I’m going to take my clozapine pretty soon though.

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alright, make sure you drink enough water with it so it dissolves

I just took my clozapine.


maybe have a small snack or a glass of milk, my pdoc said thats better for absorbtion. you dont want the pill stuck on the dry corner of your stomach or in your esophagus. cover all bases you know?

Well I just ate ice cream, so that should help.


the voices are saying “don’t worry about it” over and over again.

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