Realizing nothing is happening

Do you realize what a big deal that is? Just sitting in a chair; no racing mind, little fear, mind slowing down. Everything around me is calm. Nothing is happening with me, nothing is happening inside me, nothing is happening outside of me.

Cured? No.
Feeling good? A resounding yes.

Isn’t this the goal of people with schizophrenia?


when my mind slows down its a symptom of cognitive impairment which is often coupled with dysphoria. i have the opposite desire to you, i would rather my mind were fluid and constantly firing, not turned off. ive had my share of sluggish thinking.

I cold use that right now because I am in a bad situation right now.

The problem I have?

When I was psychotic, (on more than one occasion)…it was the greatest ‘high’ I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

Coming back to reality was mind-numbingly boring.

But I’m better off dull and sane, than manic and off of my rocker I suppose.

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