Realizing how insignificant I am

I’ve been at my job 11 years but I could quit tomorrow and they’d probably forget about me in a couple weeks. When I’m out in public no one notices me or when I’m driving I’m just a body someone glances at or something the teenagers or the 20 year olds take their aggression out on. My neighbors mess with me but I realized a minute ago my life is nothing to them. None of what I’ve been through means anything to them, it’s no skin off their back if their actions make me miserable and they don’t care, even a little bit, if they change me or change my life. Even my sisters have their own lives and are not thinking of me and can’t care too much. At least I think they appreciate my struggles but they got more important things to think about. My roommate is all right but I have a sneaking suspicion he is acting like he lives here by himself. I don’t matter to anyone.


We’d miss you. I’m sure your sisters would too. Yeah it’s like that in modern life but still time to make some connections with others. I still socialise heavily and it’s worth it no matter how much drama it causes. You might be surprised by who actually would miss you as your a good dude.


People work at their place of employment not to be remembered but to be paid income to sustain ourselves.

oh man, you are so wrong about being insignificant…you are important to everyone here, and contribute a bunch…honestly, @77nick77 I think you are semi delusional…it seems insignificant to others to you probably because you aren’t well and just are thinking that way…I love you man, and want to see you well and dating some hot woman your age…tell your pdoc about your neighbors and go into detail…don’t just say “your neighbors bug you”, say " my neighbors do things deliberately to bug me and so on…" you need help bud. take it from someone who’s been semi delusional before…you are like a broken record about your neighbors out to get you for almost a decade now…aren’t you tired of believing that? wouldn’t it be a relief to know that’s not the way it is?


I’m a quiet person here in my place and I don’t hear my neighbors much because I keep my headphones on, but I can dig the neighbors obsession, we almost have intertwined lives, just a tiny maybe. I’ll start a thread about it…

I think I’m in a similar boat, except both my parents are still alive.

I have a large extended family, and many of them might investigate possible foul play if I died; but, except for my parents and sister, I think they could all move on with their lives pretty easily without me.

But, that’s pretty much the human condition, isn’t it? We live for a while, and a while after we die, we are largely forgotten. Some wealthy, talented, and powerful people try to build a legacy so they won’t be forgotten very quickly, but almost all of them are eventually forgotten too.

You have quite a bit of acceptance on this site. You’re working and going to school too. That’s a neat trick, especially when you have schizophrenia. Give yourself more credit.


One thing you might try is working on some art of some kind to be remembered longer. It doesn’t always work, but it might be worth a shot.

(Edit) That lady you are studying, Mary Shelley, did it, right? (/Edit)

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I don’t give myself too much importance to others either but still every single vote counts and is important. Like the wheel in a clockwork or a single tree to make a forest. You presence is significant to the greater whole of the universe.

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I haven’t forgotten anyone in my life, dead or alive they touched my life and i remember them all. They come back to me in thoughts and in dreams

I think your underestimating your presence of touching peoples lives, friends, family, kind acts all affect each other

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