Realized today that I've not been doing well recently

I feel so overwhelmed every day by the tiniest things…I’ve been showering like only once every few days, haven’t brushed my teeth in weeks, etc. I realized it because I went to the dentist today and had to awkwardly explain my lack of dental hygiene. I don’t know what’s up. I was excited to be on break because that meant I could recover from my school burnout but it hasn’t been much of a break at all. I’ve had a million things to take care of that I didn’t do during the semester. I haven’t had 2 consecutive days where i could just do nothing.

Even taking my medication has been hard and I’m sure that’s not helping the issue. I don’t know how to get out of this slump, i only have this week left of my break and then it’s right back in again.


It’s okay @Anna sometimes our negative symptoms attack at the most random times, try to take it slowly and build habits even if its hard, take it a step at a time. Maybe all the emotions lead to a burnout of some sort? I wish I could give you a definite answer but time and perseverance. I wish you the best Anna.

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Are you getting enough sleep? Stress really affects me when I dont get enough.

My sleep has been thrown off a ton…I don’t know why that started either. All of a sudden I became unable to fall asleep at night and am staying up very late every night. Then I sleep through half the next day. It is very frustrating and confusing and does sometimes cause me to get less sleep when I can’t sleep in.

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dude, i feel you. i feel burned out from summer and school hasnt even started =P

I think if you sort out your sleeping patterns a bit your stress levels might go down.

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