Realizations of truths

I realized tonight that i have never been judged.

In my entire life no one has ever judged me.

And so i didn’t grow, i didn’t learn, and i didn’t change.

Don’t get me wrong i have gone through the ape like process of what they call judgement.

But it wasn’t really judgement at all. It was just some ape hitting me.

Usually all they offer is cruel and unusual as well.

They were telling me tonight, “A judgement is more of a well thought out process by where the conscious beings actions are weighed out and returned to them in the exact same way they put it out. It has nothing to do with sitting in a room for a year, it doesn’t have anything to do with a slap in the face, it doesn’t have anything to do with a fine unless the action was financial when committed. You’ve never known judgement my friend, it’s why you can’t understand it, because you have never once in your entire life been judged. All that you have ever known as people was cruel and unusual, a smack, a push, by force, not weighed out, just animals that want stuff and hit you to get it.”

And so nothing is ever corrected, nothing is learned, nothing changes. It all just continues on it’s path of demise over and over again.

It’s just apes hitting eachother. No judgement involved.

They continue, “Listen, this may be hard to understand at first. Conscious beings are themselves. They can’t see in to themselves and thus can’t weigh themselves out at all. They always, and i mean always, do things because they think it is okay to do so, or it’s worth it, or it’s respectable, they see no problem with what they do and think it’s intelligent to do so. So you have to show them at some point, hey, this is you, and this is why you do those things. But this has never happened to any of you, you just do weird things to eachother and most of it is only out of selfish desires you all have.”

So there you have it. I have not once in my life been judged in the least. I have however experience cruel and unusual tortures, slaps, punches, sitting in rooms, pushes, chokes, etc…