This won’t be long, just realized something kinda funny and wanted to share it. I kept getting grumpy or confused whenever I’d tell anyone about my experiences and then have them immediately say I needed psychiatric help, when I saw so many other things in my life as issues aside from my psychosis.

I guess I realized that it’s just because since I’ve had it all of my life it’s just become a normal thing to me. So when the psychiatrist prioritized on that even though I told her my anxiety was worse for me, I understand it because to an outsider the psychosis seems a much more pressing issue, as opposed to me who’s never known anything different. My anxiety was new and so it was more distressing. My whole life I’ve just sort of dismissed my psychosis as being an aspect of life I had to deal with on top of everything else! Well not anymore. Now I can finally deal with my psychotic issues on top of the rest, and that makes me feel happy and in control! :slight_smile: I’m so glad that I am at that point where I became self aware of it all. No more suffering in silence.