Reality see this


When we say reality check, that means we have to check out reality. Are you aware of how thin your sanity levels are?

I can go from zero meaning my reality diminishes, to wow hey I am thinking okay. Well here is the scoop.

We have to put and place our past mental traumas in the forefront because, we might forget sometimes at how our medicine is actually working.

I am dead serious at how serious we must be. Make sure absolutely before the time comes to have meds prepared for you and your family.

It is no laughing matter. Consistently staying level is the truth. The dedication and commitment, valid ideaology that mental stability is of everyones utmost importance.

Just checking to be honest with me yesterday was I drank too much caffeine right around 400mg, which is considered max for daily consumption. And there I went taking daa aspartic acid which seems to have a powerful effect. I believe that is what was that made me feel a state of anxiety, panic… As I have gone through it before time and time again its like when will I learn to be more better.

My problem that I face is dealing today with others sanity like what they say into consideration, how other people have serious effects upon your or my reality and should never be misconstrued.
If their reality is ■■■■■■ potentially your reality can be distorted that is alright just be quiet on the inside no joking around, because health is nothing to be played around with.


Amen dude, negative people can often have a negative effect on us especially with psychosis… its important to try and stay calm when mentally going through a lot more than normal people do. Also keeping the coffee to 2 or 3 cups a day prevents me from getting to “high”. Of course I cannot know your reality unless you tell me by word of mouth, it is other people who say they can hear my thoughts but will not talk to me seriously I wonder about.