Reality looks weird or fake

Does any one have it where reality or the things you see look strange or fake

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Yeah, I go outside and it seems like a surreal sort of make believe world.

Sounds like derealization to me


Some times things look plastic such as plants cars or sometimes it looks more beautiful than I should look like movie director is in my head

The Symbolic Nature of The Living And The Dead Can Be Optimistically Surreal.

‘Surreal’ Reality.


And Hopeful For Those on The Right Track…,

Not Really “make believe”,

More So, Spiritual.

Meditation Day And Night.

Give Peace.

Give Peace.

Give Peace… . … :100:

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Yes, sometimes" things" or “the world” looks shiny and smooth, like a perfect computeranimation, sometimes it’s very beautiful and natural.

But mostly it’s just the old weary world.

When I was psychotic, at one point, I felt like I was in a different dimension. Like even the colours of the world where different. It was so horrible

With or Without Pixel’s?.

It Makes Me Think of The Fearfully Beautifully Strange Living Music Video (by) Radiohead~ ‘Pyramid Song’.

My schizophrenia has made the reality look like a (lucid) dream.
It can also apply visual vibes on things/objects, and often on the entire visual field.

Lucid Dream.

What Makes it So Unique?.

So Familiar?.

So Strange?.

Parallel With Our Olde Lost Forgotten Memories?.

A Clear Mirror With No Projection or Reflection?.


Like Egyptian Stones Being Carried Through The Red Sea.

Like Us.

Deep in The Mystics of Outerspace.

Magician Wands Like Aliens.

Much Like Ourselves.

A Deep Lucid Trance.

Lucid Wander Dreamlike State of Voids.

Lucid Night Owl’s Singing in Tune With The Music of The Moon.

So Very Lucid.

And There!,

Not There!,



Not Here.

Yes Lucid.

Like a Druid.

Like a Candle, Swimming in The Pool of The Wind… . … :100:

Definitely without pixels, very smooth, i don’t like it. Yeah a bit like a music video.

Yeah, things like the A Team van chaging colour theses days.

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