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How welcome am i in this forum?

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I suppose everybody is welcome, where are you?

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From India, if that’s what you meant to ask.

India is a big country, when I was in America I had some relations with people from India, well that is already almost 20 years ago.

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As long as a person follows the rules, most any schizophrenic is welcome here. I notice you but I can’t recall your story. The people are what makes this a good place and though people mostly try to be nice, understanding, tolerant and supportive, if a person acts like an ass (I’m not talking about you, I mean in general) people are going to get annoyed. Some people have strong opinions here but in my opinion, there are very few people who regularly and deliberately cause trouble.

So, in this sense you’re welcome. I don’t know how anyone else feels about you but everybody has certain people who like them and certain people who don’t.

In other words, to sum it up, I guess didn’t answer your question at all, lol.

How is Silicon Valley today? 19 years ago I was in that part of our little planet.

Glad you asked. Well yesterday, the weather was beautiful, warm and sunny but not too hot. Today, it’s only 2:45 am right now so it’s still dark out.

The traffic here is always a pain in the you-know-what. I didn’t go out today, I kind of wasted the day. I can tell you a couple of random facts about Silicon Valley in general. Right near my house, a new sports stadium was constructed. I think they tried to lure down the San Francisco 49’rs football team to settle here and play here and the owners of the stadium try to hold events there but my sister tells me the crowds are staying away in droves and the stadium is a mega-million dollar mistake.

We’re still pretty prosperous here but not like in the 90’s when people were starting up new electronic companies all the time, make everybody in the company a millionaire in 5 months and then leave and start up another company and make millions there and move on, and on and on…That’s pretty much how things happened here. If you ever came back here you would undoubtedtedly be amazed at the changes and the way it looks here. It seems like they are constructing new buildings and housing all over endlessly. Whole apartment complexes are being built at the same time continuously.

Yeah, there’s a lot going on here, but maybe all you wanted to know is if it’s going to rain tomorrow, lol!

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Yep, it was that Internet boom in the 1990s, companies were established everywhere in America and then it all collapsed and people lost millions, I probably never return to America, but many young people from here seem to like to travel to America. Silicon Valley is of course one of the world’s high tech centers.

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It sounds like a word of caution. I am not an ass that i know for sure. But people within my family have been a lot harder and still harder for me. That is probably why my illness has become so apparent. If i had support i would have been lot happier. Hope i get support somewhere in the world just to share and enjoy the feelings with each other. Peace.

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