Reality and idealism

If a quantum mechanics physicist declares that reality is an illusion then what reality is he using to think with? If that reality is an illusion reality then the conclusions reached are within an illusion framework. So how real are they being just illusions. Because there is another framework for reality that better expresses ideas that we don’t want as illusions namely our values; shouldn’t we trust a non illusion reality? Are our perceptions on every level equal in terms of reality? Is reality different through an electron microscope vs the naked eye? Of course. If everything is just mental representations or illusions this is just idealism and denies a materialist reality. How does an idealist who thinks in terms of illusions work with in a cause and effect network performing something like a life saving procedure such as heart surgery? They profess why bother it’s all just an illusion. No morality and the denial of phenomenology and cause and effect. Living in an illusion denies morality which allows a person to do what they want with only illusions as consequences. Does knowing you are in an illusion change how we should live our lives? We sure depend on materialist things like tv, food, jobs for retirement, and sex. How do we explain objective truth within an illusion? What if everyone stopped participating in society and began to sit at home and overthink? Then everything would be an illusion because everything we have now would have the capacity to exist but it wouldn’t have human ingenuity to bring it into existence. No doctor jobs to take care of people, no police to keep people safe, no families to perpetuate the species. What is the reality the majority of people are more likely to buy into?

I tell you what I don’t wanna be paid in illusion money.

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