Real Schizophrenic Househusbands of Beverly Hills- Last Episode

Jack: Hey Frank I’ve been looking all over for you. What are you doing?
Frank: What does it look like I’m doing? (puffs on a cigarette)
Jack: You know the girls don’t approve of that.
Frank: Come on just smoke one. Helps make up for where the meds fail.
(Jack reluctantly smokes one. Pretty soon he’s binge smoking.)
Jack: Hey I’ll go to the store for some more.
(Jennie and Laura walk up.)
Jennie: Oh Hell no!!! Get off of that!!!
Jack: Or what?
Jennie: I’m divorcing you.
Laura: So am I.
Frank: So Laura are you going to tell me that crap about how you have the money and I don’t and I should grovel like a dog to your every whim.
Laura; Yeah I am.
Frank: Divorce granted.
Jack: I divorce thee!!! I divorce thee!!! I divorce thee!!!
Jennie: So why do you smoke any way?
Jack: It helps with the voices and allows me to take fewer meds.
Laura: Come on those voices aren’t that serious are they?
(Jack and Frank related everything that the voices said to them with every disgusting and ugly detail. They then talked about being in the bad shapes they had been in as a result of the illnesses and the reasons it made it hard to be functional in society.)
Jennie;Laura: That’s disgusting!!!
Jack; Frank: That’s how it is!!!
Jennie; Laura: Well enjoy homelessness you bums!!!
Jack: As long as we have smokes and the memory of being with you we’ll be happy.
Jennie: That’s it. I’m getting a dog.
Laura: I’m getting a cat.
Jack: You know Frank maybe it’s time we separated ourselves and get apartments in the great welfare system of the US.
Frank: You mean our friendship is over?
Jack: Maybe I’ll write.
Frank: What we have to say is not that interesting really.
Jack: Better than nothing.
(Frank walked into the sunset and Jack walked the other direction. Jennie became a dog groomer. Laura married Ozzy Ozbourne.)

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Can I get a tl;dr?

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