Real problem here

My husband doesn’t really like getting out of the house… He works very hard… 40 miles from here every day has to commute
He doesn’t like living in the city… He’s from a small town… I’m from London originally and now we both live in a small city where it takes 10 minutes to get out through traffic which to me is nothing… But it makes my husband went to hide in the garden or in the house
My mum is alone… And Is also my best friend I see her every day almost… And spend a lot of time with her… Commuting is stressful for me… As it is stressful for my husband, I know
don’t know whether maybe getting a girlfriend who I can go out in the day with… Even on days when he is at home and refuses to even go for a swim on a rainy day
I don’t know what the solution is, I have thought about moving a half hour drive from here… But that area is very expensive… It would be halfway between work and home for my husband… I wonder whether we could move to Totnes it’s a bit of a hippy town… Quite intimidating really

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you are lucky to have a husband, a house and a mother who is your best friend. And you are lucky to live in the UK which is a nice country. You will find a girlfriend to be your company when going out. Commuting every work day isn’t good but it’s Okay. Wish you good luck in finding a new house that is suitable and affordable.