Real Positive Change Is Slow and Boring

Have you ever seen on the news that the garbage was picked up on time, that 2 people of different races got along, that a man who hated women learned to treat them with respect, that a popular decision was made by the government, or that a truce had held for 100 years. No you hear about government doing things wrong, racial violence, man treating women badly, unpopular decisions made, and explosions and war news. Why? Because real positive change is boring to most people other than the biggest optimists. So when I heard about a recent schizophrenic drug that improved measures by less than 10% I was unimpressed. But let’s face it. It is good positive change and it comes slow. Hang in there. Things will likely improve some day. Maybe not at the pace we want it to, but at the slow, boring pace things usually improve.


A real problem that SZs have is we expect something to remove all of our problems overnight. That doesn’t happen. We may have a drug knock down a bunch of our symptoms, but that’s about the only dramatic change we’ll see. Everything else wrong changes at a crawl. Sometimes the improvement is so slow that it can only be noticed after a few months. Recovery is a long game.


Wise words @velociraptor !


The news, and the national news in particular, is focused on sensational things. These things are usually negative. It’s not quite as bad with local news.

Both national news and local do tend to add on positive stories at the end of their broadcasts as a bit of an afterthought. They are usually the minority of stories and tacked on in what seems like an effort to add a positive to an otherwise bleak outlook.


Firefighters rescue dumb kitten from tree


Cute girl from priveleged home bakes muffins for homeless and everything is better now - yay

[ sigh ]


We started as caveman, evolved to farmers, invented the wheel, improved the warmaschine and changed equality which lead us into the 21. Century. Yes, positive changes are slow, but not boring.

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