Real or no real

Do your voices sound real
My voices are of some work colleague
They sound real

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They sound real and loud.

Yes clear and realistic that’s why I first believed them to be real spirits of people dead and alive.

very real and they imitate the voices of my family members and pretty much anyone around me, on the right meds they are basically inexistant i can barely hear them at all

I can barely hear em when on meds. They are quiet… Thank God.


Yes. I hear the voice of an old friend. What does your voice say? Has it ever been from someone you are friends or family with?

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They get loud when I meditate and when I lay on the bed to sleep. When distractions are minimal

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He’s pretty clear and real-sounding.

They sound real and like busybodies who always think everything is their business.

mine sound real, hate it, in the background so many negative comments

Mine sound real. But I’ve learned some of their patterns.

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My voices sound not real. They are either wispers or harsh voices

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