Real life bores me

Thanksgiving conversation with family shows how bored I am by life. Obama this Isis that how are you. Omg there’s bad stuff in coffee creamer that causes cancer…the economy…zzzzzz

I’m not sure what I enjoy but definitely not the things they’re talking about

But I guess that’s what people talk about

It’s not bad convo online but face to face I don’t like it

There’s maybe 1 or 2 people I like here at the party besides my immediate family…maybe that’s the real problem


just think of the food :cake: …that is what i would do :blush:
take care :alien:


I had to listen to inanity today too. I’ve developed such good skills at tuning out my in-laws, I honestly can’t recall a single thing that was said. And I don’t GAF either. After the lunchtime food, they wanted to watch some horrible movie about the Navy, during which they both promptly fell asleep, and I made my escape. I get to do it all over again in a month (Christmas figures to be a zoo). I’m gonna have to figure out a way to celebrate my birthday in January away from them.


I’ve never been a big party goer I guess :laughing:

Whether it’s family or house parties. I don’t like large get togethers. Maybe that’s what it was.

I like most my family actually but Idk it’s a strange relationship. When they get together it’s madness. They always have to bring up the same topics. Like “The topics of the last year” and idk. It’s weird.

God I couldn’t imagine with in-laws. I’d probably get stoned before hand to be able to handle that.

I don’t like big get togethers either probably why I’m lucky its just me and my parents. Whenever im in those situations i just kind of fake it and let mustle memory take over my expressions. Though that sometimes doesn’t work as i can make a face like :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: to something people care about like the economy lol.

Uh…social events conversations…you just gotta survive it.
Just smile, look interested and nod your head from time to time.

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It actually got better as the eve went on. My cousins boyfriend came over and he made things funnier and whatnot.

and then when everyone was leaving it was okay

I don’t consider a huge family gathering real life… it’s where everyone either puts on airs… or tries to pretend everything is perfect… or tires to be the joker…

People don’t seem to be themselves at these large holiday gatherings… just groping at something to say… so they prattle about stuff that they don’t even really care about either.

Family gatherings is not real life… it’s a dramatic performance.

Glad it went well for you this year.

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O_H__M_Y__G_O_O_D_N_E_S_S__(!!!) … ,

Tha Female Secretez … ,

You Will Nvr Live it Down … ,


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Man, after running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off for three years in my active addiction and spending ten years with a racing mind and having crisis after crisis, the first time I experienced the calmness of boredom it was a relief.

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