ِ Real Definition For Schizophrenia

What are the basic requirements that must be met in any definition
provides for the condition so-called schizophrenia ?

In other words
What is supposed to be written in this definition?

From what I understand the word translates to mean split brain syndrome. Were all schizophrenics here but each of us have entirely different symptoms. I don’t like how it’s such a broad category of illness but they treat like it’s the same. I have this telepathy ■■■■ going on which I think should be treated differently if it’s me then it’s a cognitive problem that no one can help me with. If it’s them then they are ■■■■■■■ assholes

basically they have the DSM in there theyll say has to meet 3 of the following to meet diagnosis of such and such.
i think its strange cause they have normal and so called non normal behaviours etc which is a bit labelling.

Well for schizoaffective, it’s temporal hyper-sensitivity and chemical imbalance. It might be related to epilepsy. I suffer from sleep paralysis sometimes and this is also a symptom of some type of temporal epilepsy.

Both my mom and I have had symptoms of epilepsy and Abilify controls mine.

I also think it might have to do with our muscle condition. I researched it and there’s myline in the brain, and on my mom’s side she has a rare disorder that affects the myline sheeth and tissue. They say it’s only in the legs. It might be a nerve disorder because I’m positive for CMT as well.


I just find it ironic that muscle and nerve disorders often come hand in hand with schizophrenia and manic depression. I inherited CMT from my mom alongside her mood and psychosis.

The truer definition of my little disorder?

Here it is: “They” came, whoever, and began to torture me and rip my life apart. They were in my mind hurting me and taking it over, and have even physically harmed me before twice just to show me it’s not a disease.

“Schizophrenia” = a murder/torture

You should have heard this one guy, sounded totally delusional, he said he made it snow one time, and i was like “hey! staff! big clue right there! the whomever in this guys head is talking about the control of the weather again!”

When they came on halloween thirteen years ago i knew i was ■■■■■■, sat up all night and morning with them, they started talking about resurrection at one point in my head, and when the weather came on for the morning they talked about the control of the weather.

Should have seen this one guy on youtube, he was so sick just sitting on the side of the street dying and some guy just loved making his little worthless video of him, he said he had been resurrected, i was like “holy ■■■■! thats them in this guy’s head talking!”

Who and how and why, who cares, just somebody.