Real cats are loud and they don't fly

For a while now… I’ve had a hallucination of a cat just always out of the corner of my eye, just waking around, or floating about. It’s not a fire breathing demon cat or anything. It’s just an old tuxedo cat hanging out. I’ve had this imaginary cat for a while now.

I’ve fought the urge to buy food for it, but I hate to say, I’ve accidently bought toys for it.

Well, my friend who came back into my life is in a bind and needs me to cat sit his real cat for a week or two. It’s a very chatty, but very well mannered Black Burmese named Raven.

I have to admit, I got a little freaked out to wake up to a very real, loud cat on the foot of my bed this morning. I feel a little bad. Having this real cat around has scared off my floating cat. I wonder if this is a sign that it’s time for me to get a cat. I’ll see how the next two weeks go.


I’ve been thinking about you getting a real cat for some time now! Its funny that you brought it up.

See how taking care of your friend’s cat goes, and maybe you can get one of your own!

There’s a tom cat kitten that likes to sleep in the chair of my balcony. I give him water and food and I’ve named him Tim lol. He goes out during the day to do cat stuff, but comes back every night.

If my dog wasn’t freaked out by cats, I’d make Tim a member of our family.

Good luck taking care of Raven!




Your spirit cat may be upset and in hiding like a 3D cat might also be. Question: does the 3D cat sense the spirit cat or is the spirit cat just an imaginary cat?
After my black wolf died I often imagined her floating around in the upstairs bedroom. Never exactly saw her but imagined it in my minds eye very strong.
I shall have a cat this weekend but she is an indoor outdoor cat that has to be an outdoor cat now, so we shall see how that goes…


well you’ve had an imaginary cat for quite a while, and you have been looking after it really well, so maybe get a real one, cats’ are cool.
just remember you work for the cat…they are the boss !?!
take care


Professor McGonagall, super fly teacher always about that transfiguration.
I really like this thread. Positive people & Familiars ;]

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I feel sorry for my sis. She’s sat on the floor trying to pet the cat, play with the cat, be friends to the cat, and Raven the cat just looks offended, flattens it’s ears and comes over and sits on me.

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if your sis ignores the cat, the cat might if it feels like it come over to her, it is pretty normal cat behaviour to ignore you…
at least raven likes you.
take care


I have 6 cats that never go outside, they are quirky, silly loud and tear the house up. These are the closest thing I have to a child and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.
I vote you get a cat.


Very first thing I sense here is cat feels intimidated by her power… cats can sense things as I said before…
also, it may be possible that floating cat is hers somehow, maybe unconsciously projected. Does she ‘work’ with cats at all? You know what I mean…
I have had some unusual animal reactions and have to really try and communicate sometimes…comes in handy with dogs though

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I think it’s cool that the cat comes to you. Perhaps you have an affinity to cats, or they to you. Only one problem. Cats cost money, they need food, litterboxes, veterinary care and vaccinations. Spay/neuter is also a good idea. Just a fact to take into consideration. I have one cat, she’s my love, I’ll be grief-stricken when she dies, she is 14 years old. I gladly pay the expenses, but have the financial wherewithal to do so. Life without a cat would be sad. I live alone, the cat is company in a way. Less intrusive than a person, they’re typically independent and go off and do their thing.


Depends where you live…here they just need food… in farmland you dont want spay/neuter… cats are often outdoors and succumb to creatures of the forest. Kittens can get taken by owls. Inexperienced cats get bit by poisonous snakes, though they are able to kill such snakes if they are wild - wise… City cats, and indoor cats need all that stuff you mention…
I had 1 cat that lived 8 years… and may still be alive somewhere… many cats live 5 - 6 years… If they utilized the cat door under the house they could do even better but they seemed to like the outside even at night and in winter… when i lost my dogs i lost more cats. Dogs keep larger animals away.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats

A pet is a wonderful thing to have. Many people choose their pet based on where it lives in their household; indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two. One of the two most common domestic pets is a cat. The question, though, is whether it is better to have an indoor or outdoor cat. There are pros and cons for both sides of the question that directly affect the health of a cat. Indoor cats are known to have a longer lifespan than outdoor cats; on average, an indoor cat can live anywhere from twelve to twenty years while the average lifespan for an outdoor cat is a measly little five years. The two primary reasons outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan are traffic and disease.

Yup, so mine probably made that average since some never made first year while others lived 7 - 8 years. Actually traffic was not a factor at all here, disease maybe a very small part…had one beautiful tom cat go under the house where he couldnt be reached and had white cough or green cough…which was probably some sort of pneumonia…he died there and i couldnt get him out so he mummified…later mice or something scattered the bones…
I know some factors that have taken cats around here, though some cannot be proved…
neighbor dogs
My white wolf (saw this happen 3 times)
owls (heard this happen twice)
being stepped on by a person.
Neighbors shooting because cat went after chickens.
Overnursed by 9 kittens (3 cats litters) till they were 6 months old and almost her size… just drained the poor thing…