Reading "Psychology for Dummies" and you know I gotta tell you its shit

I had this plan to go back to college, so I just thought Id check out what psychology books are about but you know what I actually think the book is ■■■■. I wanted something easy to read, interesting and informative but this Psychology for Dummies was a bore and rubbish.

Does anyone have ideas on interesting easy read psychology/philosophy books.

“How The Mind Works,” by Steven Pinker.

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i picked up one of these books it was ’ computers for dummies ', i felt very stupid because i could not comprehend what they were talking about !?!
my self esteem went through the roof…needless to say i will never ever, ever, ever pick one of those books up ever again ! they are just rude !?!
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My Introductory Psychology course book is called, “Psychological Science” it is by Mark Krause and Danial Corts. It isn’t easy, but it is interesting. You learn all about the brain, for example. It also talks about different states of consciousness, and many other interesting things.


Surviving Schizophrenia is a great book for us…very informative and helpful for recovery. My copy is worn out, I’ve referenced it so many times. My mom read it after me (I live with my parents). I’ve read it cover to cover. I’m using it as one of my resources for a paper on schizophrenia, it really covers everything about schizophrenia fairly well.

But I can’t remember the name of my general psychology book I had my freshman year. I think I sold it back. Im a psych major and I think an Abnormal Psych textbook is a handy tool for anyone, honestly. It seems everyone has something, LOL


bump to the top…anyone else got ideas on good psychology books?

A philosophical book I thought was interesting was “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.

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For just the bare basics of who is who and what their theories were and quick fun overview of the beginning of psychology… I found this one at the library…

It was good general over view. Very quick article format. My very very favorite though…

For beginners books…
Anything by “Writers and Readers” press is in Comic Book form and they do a very good job explaining stuff with humor and clarity. No pages and pages of dry text.

I love this book too…

Same comic book format, touches on some psychology as well as philosophy and done really well. Quick, easy, concise, fun art, and the cartoon dialogue explains it all so well.

If your not in to Freud…

“Writers and Readers Press”


Do you know why the book is ■■■■ - the subject is ■■■■