Reading phylosofy?

This evening I was listening a friend reading a paragraph of her phylosophy book (Spinoza) , and I realized that some phylosophy books are writting in a difficult language and it explains difficult ideas which you have to think a lot to understand sometimes.

While you are reading and trying to understand you are using a higher way of thought that I find interesting.

Maybe phylosophy is a good way to train the brain for those like me that do little or nothing for brain improvement…

Because while you are reading, thinking and triying to understand you do a greater effort than just reading a novel. I think.

Furthermore I have always found Phylosophy so interesting and entertaining.

What do you think guys ??


I agree that to understand philosophy requires more thought than most other things we usually think about during the day.

I enjoy Buddhist teachings, which are a type of philosophy, Greek philosophy, and the writings of Lao Tzu.

I think reading all types of things is good for the mind.


Yes, I think reading in general is extremely healthy for the mind and body. It helps me focus on ideas rather than my spinning thoughts and physical body. And it expands my consciousness.


I think I should read more :slight_smile:

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It’s good to stretch out the mind

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Have you ever read Dostoyevsky ?

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I had never heard of him!

Interesting? 1515

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He’s great. A Russian writer from years ago. He’s an existentialist which means that he believes in the death of god. Crime and punishment was my favorite

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I started the Brothers Karamazov, but didn’t finish it. I’m going to read it one day.

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That’s a tough read. I couldn’t get into that one.
Notes from the underground is better I think

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I have a hard time reading because I have always the need of whatch my phone, but this could be a good opportunity to enhace my concentration and cut my addiction. :no_good_woman:


During my first episode, I was studying philosophy at university. It was always a good distraction from my symptoms, and eventually also a substantial support to cope with, and defuse the symptoms.

I like the philosophy I read to have a point, or application, in life though. There is a long history of philosophy as therapy for the troubled mind. And note here that back in the days of the ancient Greeks, there was no clear division between philosophy and most of the other sciences. One example is the stoïc philosophy, which is nowadays elaborated into CBT and no longer considered philosophy, but psychology instead.

There’s also a lot of more modern philosophy that seems idle pondering about irrelevant notions. And some of it is, and it is sometimes difficult to know upfront. Others, such as Kant at times (with his treatment of the antinomies of reason for example), do again step into the tradition of therapeutic philosophy. A few weeks ago I was thinking of one of his arguments when I saw someone troubled by delusional ideation in the unusual beliefs section. It looked a lot like the problem Kant took care of. But clearly, medication is both the quicker and the common solution to delusional ideation, nothing wrong with going that route. I take it myself for the problems I couldn’t take care of and it is good stuff.

I also know of a contemporary philosopher and psychosis-sufferer who claims it was diving into philosophy that got him to go mad. Others have made analogies as well between some forms of philosophy and schizophrenia/psychosis. Such that you might want to be careful at times. The problem here, I think, is that there is a huge body of texts called philosophical, and some are arguing the opposite, some are arguing entirely different topics and in different ways too. Such that a blanket statement is hard to justify.

If you’re stable I won’t be scared of it, but people can get carried away with thinking too much. This is usually when one needs therapy or even medication.


im trying to learn some of old greek philosophy for years now
i even bought books to read joined MOOCs on philosophy etc
it doesnt look to hard but i just cant sustain will and motivation over more than a few days

I agree I check out every book i can find on the subject in local libraries I always feel like I have improvement as far as thinking and understanding if Im studying that type of material.

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An old dead philosopher spoke with me from beyond.

He said “we always miss the first block of it all. We thought that block was philosophy, but no, it was just love. The cornerstone of heavens and the difference between self imposed hells.”

I would like to try a philo-analytic cure in Paris but I have to do the travel on the day.

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What’s the philo-analytic cure?

There is a lot on philosophy on Khan Academy

This cabinet of philo-analysis is probably the only one on planet earth. The goal is to end alienation due to our mercantile society. It is inspired by presocratic school then phenomenology by Hegel and the Marx plus situationnist philosophy. The goal of the cure is to Be more in the Beeing than in the Having. Im not sure to be clear because its not clear.