Reading nowadays

I used to be an avid reader. I started reading regularly when I was in second grade. I read many of the kids classics before I reached 8 years old. Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood, Treasure Island, Robinson Caruso, Oliver, Aesop’s Fables, Swiss Family Robinson, Pinocchio, Gulliver’s Travels etc.That’s just a small fraction of the books I read. My mom enrolled me in a couple book clubs so I got all those popular kids book. I started reading adult books too, and branched out in my scope of what I read. Sadly, when II became schizophrenic my desire for reading suffered. I tapered drastically down in how much I read. Now I just read for school or an occasional magazine or book. But the benefit of all that reading, besides making me happy is that it helps in conversations.Gives me something to talk about or something to add to conversations.


Reading is pretty awesome, so much more personal than a movie.

I never really read much because I had trouble focusing on what I was reading. I’d say the words in my head but wouldn’t always comprehend them so I had to reread most everything. It used to get me in a lot of trouble at school and I almost failed every English/literature class I had.

My wife goes through whole books in a couple days and it kinda makes me jealous.

Avid book lover, reader of many things, find me in a library just as much as a park, and found that it’s the only small talk I can do well.

Talking books gave me the confidence to talk to people more. I didn’t really do well in english lit as a class either because what I got out of the book always seemed different or off topic from what the teacher was trying to drill into us. But I would always read the entire book. So I don’t get good grades for reading.

I still read avidly.

I’ve always read, except when I was on drugs. I am able to read while medicated, however. Right now I’m reading “The Story of Civilization,” by Will Durant. And for fiction, reminiscing with “Treasure Island.”

Last winter I read Chekhov’s short stories. Winter and summer reading seem very different to me. Sometimes my reading gets pretty “dark” during the winter and very light during the summer. Last summer I read Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot mysteries.

I pass on this advice from my first psychiatrist - Read the classics.

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I used to be an avid reader before i got ill, especially in my teens. Then my wife wanted me to read her a book at bedtime,mainly sagas.
Since she’s died i’ve read 4-5 books. I 've collected a few crime/thriller books from charity shops but can’t seem to allocate the time to read them.

I like to read philosophy books. Also really enjoyed Dante’s Inferno.

Hi Twang. I love reading the classics. I’m reading Nabokov at the moment…

its so much easier to find a good book than a good movie!

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I finished my finals and can get back to reading for fun. I’m going to pick up where I left off in the Master and Commander series… number 11… Treason’s Harbor.