Reading minds

I took PCP & DMT when I was young I can’t do drugs now or I start seeing dumb ■■■■ start happening, dumber then vanilla ice trying to rap again. Usually it’s about me being Rudolph the red nosed reindeer & then Rudolph is Satan so IDK

Is this a delusion that you’re trying to work through at the moment?

Sort of I guess I only get these if I take drugs except when I’m sober, I usually say random things to ppl & all my friends seem to think I’m psychic & I don’t want to be like I always say random stuff in text messages like once I said penguins & he was watching penguin movies or once I was randomly talking about goats milk soap & I guess he only uses goat milk soap

This ones more or less subsided unless I take a lot of drugs I only had one other that I worked through already :blush: sorry risperidal makes me seem whiny & weird!

I am clean now! How do I delete posts I need somewhere to say ■■■■■■ things so I don’t anger my friends!